This is the whole point of technology. It creates an appetite for immortality on the one hand. It threatens universal extinction on the other. Technology is lust removed from nature. –Don DeLillo

Component Integration Thoughts

     Upon starting KcsOnline many years ago, I knew I wanted to forever be in the technology world. However, I never envisioned the level of current tech would evolve the way it has. Release cycle after cycle, we are accustomed to seeing more gadgets that either try to make our lives easier or simply to enhance them. Never has a time been so problematic as different manufactures and developers try to get all these new shiny gadgets work together, somewhat normally.

     From Alexa controlling your home automation system and cable box, to an Arduino trying to control... well... everything; there seems to always be an issue. Networking different components together over WiFi, Z wave, Cellular, and plain old wires is a hefty profession in itself. 

     KcsOnline can help! One of my favorite pastimes is to scour the web for technical articles, forums, and blogs on integration issues for all sorts of components. Drop me a line using the Contact Us link below with an issue you are having.